Developed for Weekly Game Jam 150: "You Are the Enemy"

Blast your way through dangerous enemies, collecting loot and destroying everything in sight! Be careful though - your projectiles are just as dangerous to yourself as they are to your enemies! Because you... are your own enemy!


WASD - Move
Mouse - Aim, Shoot
R - Restart Level
Escape - Pause / Audio Settings


Joshua Steinhauer
Salar Telo
Logan Mackin


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Great game. Fun. Trying to boomeranged the bullets.  


really loved this game!


Great game, almost can't believe it was made in only 7 days! Nice job :)


On the firewall level, one of the enemies got locked into the exit area when the doors closed, with the result that I can't kill it to open those same blast doors, leaving me trapped :(

Darn, I had hoped I had fixed all of those edge cases. Sorry about that!


Cute effects and art.

Thank you! :)